About me

Spanish Native Teacher

I’m so excited with this project in which I combine my teaching background with my spiritual path. I’m a teacher and also a meditation instructor. 

I taught Spanish at a Dual Language School for 5 years in Dillon, Colorado- USA. A beautiful town in the Rocky Mountains where my two kids were born. 

After that we moved to Finland where I taught in an English Kindergarten and in a Waldorf Special Education School. We lived in Helsinki for four years and, believe it or not, I could speak Finnish. 

The darkness and the cold weather made us move to Costa Rica, where I taught Spanish for few months before the pandemia made me return to my home country; Spain. 

After 10 years traveling around, we have been really happy living in La nucía, Alicante since 2021.


This is like a Yoga, Qi Gong and Mindfulness class, but I am your Spanish teacher.

Isn’t it perfect??

I taught for almost 13 years in formal education, and after those years my spiritual path was calling me and I started «Carolina Parisina; mujer, vida consciente y meditación», a space to help women get inside and know themselves in deeper levels through women’s circles, meditation meetings and different workshops and online courses. 

You can know more about my project on my Instagram and YouTube Channel, and I encourage you to sign into my newsletters. This is a good way to learn Spanish. The emails will help you practice your reading and listening skills, cause I sent audios and videos too. 

Foto por @carolmonteirophotos

¿Hablas español? ¡Sí, por supuesto!

Learn Spanish Consciously

50 Monthly
  • Two classes per week
  • Telegram Group
  • One class record per week
  • Online and in person classes
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