Carolina Parisina is a handcrafted boutique label that respects the environment and human rights. Our products are made in Helsinki, Finland. We combine new materials from different sources with some recycled additions. Our goal is to create limited editions and unique items. Great pride is taken in the quality of our products, made one by one with love and care.

Carolina López de Blas. Lotta Museum, Tuusula. Finland

Carolina Parisina project began in 2005 in Madrid, Spain. In 2010, we left Madrid to experience beautiful Colorado. We (Carolina López de Blas and Mariano Rodríguez) worked as Spanish teachers there and we started again Carolina Parisina creating all sorts of purses and accessories for casual people. We also create the most important project of our lifes: our two kids; Dillon, named after the name of the town where he was born and Sol, something we will miss a lot in the future.

Sol, Dillon, Mariano and Carolina in Lake Dillon, Colorado.

In 2015 we moved to Helsinki, Finland with our two kids. It wasn’t easy start all over, but thanks to that, Mariano decided to follow her passion and became a macrobiotic nutritionist, working as a YouTuber and developing www.macrobioticazen.com;  a really successful bussines that is helping thousands of people to have healthy habits and better lifes.

Mariano and Sol in Helsinki Cathedral, Finland.

On the other hand, Carolina Lopez de Blas, after working in an English Kindergarten and in a Steiner school in Helsinki, she decided to change profession, and focus in her passion; sewing and creating Carolina Parisina in Finland again for the third time.

When you buy any of our products, you are supporting our family project! You are suporting: 
🌲Handcrafted in Finland by Carolina.
♻️Environmentally friendly.
👜Minimalism fashion.
🧘‍♀️Ethical and slow fashion.